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ISIS Professional - River modelling softwareISIS Professional is a full, one-dimensional (1D) hydrodynamic simulator for modelling water flows and levels in open channels and estuaries. It is built on an open file system enabling users to quickly and conveniently see and alter model data files and integrate custom modelling tools.

ISIS Professional allows users to carry out fast and accurate modelling of the key elements of river and channel systems enabling planners and water managers to make effective and informed decisions.

ISIS Professional includes full solution modelling of open channels, floodplains, embankments and hydraulic structures. Any hydrological method can be used and rainfall-runoff simulation enables both event based and conceptual hydrological methods.

ISIS professional river modelling interface

ISIS Free/Professional interface

Full interactive views of data and results are available long section and cross section, together with model build checking, advanced results reporting and analysis using tables and graphs.  Integrated with ISIS Mapper, the user can work with their geo-referenced data sets for model building, results analysis and visualisation.

ISIS Professional is OpenMI compliant, enabling it to link with other compliant software. This allows an integrated modelling approach, representing both direct rainfall and drainage systems or linking different models together dynamically.

ISIS professional river network

ISIS Free/Professional interface

ISIS Professional is integrated with many external software packages, including the Environment Agency’s National Flood Forecasting System (England and Wales) and the Conveyance Estimation System.

ISIS has been applied extensively on some of the most complex rivers in the world, such as the River Thames in the UK and the Mekong River in Asia. These rivers are often highly regulated, with complex floodplains and catchments that are under continual pressure from development and environmental pressures.

The ISIS suite of software has been developed to the highest standards: the ISIS code has benefitted from over 30 years of continual development. Over this time, experienced users and developers of the software have put the software through extensive testing and comparisons with other hydraulic models, to create a product in which our clients can have full confidence.

ISIS modules

Unlimited nodes
This allows larger models to be built within a 1D environment or one that links 1D and 2D information.

Enhanced multi-run add-on
This increases from an initial four, the maximum number of concurrent simulations.

FAST solver
This allows quick assessment of flooding using simplified hydraulics. It provides results up to 1,000 times quicker when compared to traditional solvers, providing results in seconds or minutes as apposed to hours or days. Click here to read more.

This enables models built in ISIS Professional to be dynamically linked to TUFLOW and its 1D component ESTRY. Existing ISIS models can easily be converted to ISIS-TUFLOW or ISIS-ESTRY. Click here to read more.

Network licence manager
This enables a network to share access to a licence, providing maximum flexibility to an organisation.

Water quality
This add-on is a comprehensive water quality simulator. Click here to read more.

Sediment transport
This add-on allows you to predict sediment transport rates and patterns of erosion and deposition in channels. Click here to read more.





  • flood forecasting
  • flood alleviation scheme designs
  • flood risk mapping
  • flood risk assessments
  • catchment management planning projects

Key benefits of ISIS Professional

  • uses a proven 1D flow simulation engine with an extensive range of complex structures and operating rules
  • model unsteady, steady, subcritical, supercritical and transitional flows
  • incorporate potentially complex logical control rules into structure operation, which makes it particularly suited to the optimisation of controlled systems
  • any hydrological method can be used to provide a flow boundary; includes built-in ReFH, FEH and SCS boundary methods to make hydrological analysis easier
  • incorporates ISIS Mapper, allowing the user to work with their geo-referenced data sets for model building, results analysis and visualisation
  • user-friendly productivity tools, including a model health checker and results extractor and analysis
  • links to the ISIS 2D and ISIS FAST numerical engines, and other software including TUFLOW, allowing integrated one and two-dimensional (2D) modelling
  • water quality and sediment transport add-on modules
  • OpenMI link to allow the user to link it with any other OpenMI-compliant software
  • built on an open file system so users can quickly and conveniently see and alter model data files and integrate custom modelling tools
  • Read about the ISIS Solver

    ISIS contains industry leading solvers that provide a comprehensive range of methods for simulating flows and levels in open channels, floodplains, reservoirs and estuaries. Independent benchmarking and more than 30 years of extensive application and development of the ISIS solvers has made it extremely robust, fast and flexible and an ideal choice for most modelling problems. Read more ...


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