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ISIS FREE provides an advanced one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) simulation engine, analysis and visualisation tools and innovative flood inundation solver unlike any other software available, all within one environment.

It provides the same core features as ISIS(1D) with Water Quality and Sediment Transport add-ons, ISIS 2D with ADI solver, ISIS FAST and ISIS MAPPER which enable you to confidently apply it to smaller river modelling projects and to tackle different types of hydraulic conditions including flood risk assessments, flood mapping and flood alleviation scheme design.

The software can seamlessly be upgraded to ISIS 1D, ISIS 2D or ISIS FAST should your project grow beyond the 250 1D nodes, 2,500 2D cells or DEM grid size of 2,500 cells limits.

In order to download ISIS, you will need to be registered with the ISIS User Community website, however registration is really simple and will only take a couple of minutes. You will then also be able to take advantage of the frequently asked questions, learning guides, forums and other resources available on the site.

Click here to download ISIS FREE.

Key benefits of ISIS FREE

  • it’s FREE and can be used on both commercial and non-commercial projects
  • includes various hydrology units (including FEH, Green-Ampt, ReFH, Urban ReFH and SCS)
  • link to the US Environmental Protection Agency Storm Water Management Model (SWMM)
  • used in conjunction with the full version of the software (e.g. link ISIS 2D to the 250 1D node limit within ISIS FREE at no additional cost)
  • ongoing technical support is available
  • support for both metric and US customary units
  • use ISIS VIEWER to represent flood information in an interactive way, enabling better decision making and more effective engagement with stakeholders


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